Aeris Studio is located in an up-and-coming area in Copenhagen. The studio has outstanding brick pillars, a high ceiling, and massive windows which enable the room to light up beautifully with natural sunlight, making it a welcoming place for any event.

With its size of 170 square meters and room for up to 150 standing and 80 seated guests, the space invites you to be creative. Aeris Studio is suitable for fashion shows, dinners, showrooms, workshops, and much more. 

To enhance your experience, we've curated a selection of rental package deals that include everything from our cocktails, to bar setups including staff, to local catering options and furniture arrangements, all designed to meet your unique preferences and requirements

Adding a touch of versatility, Aeris Studio offers a courtyard providing the option to extend your event outdoors. Additional practical features include a tea kitchen equipped with a fridge and freezer, two restrooms, and handicap accessible entrance.

For pricing and further inquiries, please send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.