We love working with hotels. Hotels are an integral part of travel and hospitality, which is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries in the world. 

Aeris is a good fit for hotel bars or in-room mini-bars. Aeris cocktails is a convenient way for guests to enjoy a premium, hand-crafted cocktail without having to leave the hotel.

Hotels that offer Aeris Cocktails can showcase their commitment to quality and provide a unique and upscale experience for their guests.

Aeris Cocktails offers a wide range of cocktail options, allowing hotels to customize their offerings to suit their guests' preferences and needs. This can include offering signature cocktails that are unique to the hotel or featuring seasonal cocktails that reflect the local area.

Offering Aeris Cocktails is a great fit for hotels that are looking to provide a convenient, high-quality, and consistent cocktail experience for their guests. With the added benefits of efficiency and customization, Aeris Cocktails can be a great addition to any hotel's food and beverage offerings


Selected Hotel clients

Villa CPH, Copenhagen

Casa Camper, Berlin & Barcelona

Haus im Tal, München

Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

25 Hours Hotel, Copenhagen

The Darling, Copenhagen

Parkhotel Mondschein Hotel, Italy

Villa Dagmar, Stockholm

Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Hotel Continental, Ystad

Riad no.37, Marrakech