We love working with bars and restaurants. 

Offering Aeris Cocktails is a great fit for restaurants that are looking to provide a high-quality, consistent, and efficient cocktail experience for their diners. With the added benefits of customization and upselling opportunities, Aeris Cocktails can be a great addition to any restaurant's food and beverage offerings. 

From spring 2023 we do offer cocktails on tap. For Fabro Pasta, we have created a custom cocktail, which the restaurant can serve on tap. This is really suitable for bars, that want to satisfy guests, who do not drink beer. 

We offer a wide range of cocktail options, allowing restaurants to customize their offerings to suit their diners' preferences and needs. This can include offering signature cocktails that are unique to the restaurant or featuring seasonal cocktails that reflect the local area.


Offering Aeris Cocktails is an excellent way for restaurants to upsell and increase their revenue. The premium nature of Aeris Cocktails can justify a higher price point, and the convenience of having pre-made cocktails can encourage diners to order more drinks throughout their meal. 

Please contact us for more information, and we will have a chat about it.